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Photo from 2. 5. 2005

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My name is Jana Dvořáková. I was born on 7th July 1981. I have lived all my life in Řevnice, small town 25 kilometres far from Prague in Czech Republic. I have two and half years younger sister. Similarly old are my cousins, both girls. Elder is old as my sister and the younger is five years younger then me. But when we are together we all look to have the same age! Sometimes it looks like I am the youngest.... :-) But when girl is over twenty this is very good advantage ;-).


In September 2006 I have become bachelor in applied informatics at University of Economics, PragueFaculty of Informatics a Statistics. I have done thesis “DocBook and bibliographic citations according to ISO 690” guided by Ing. Jiří Kosek at .

I spent one school year at the Czech Technical University in Prague, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. It was hard work, it was impossible to do nothing as I did at High School in Radotín and Elementary School in Řevnice. I didn't enjoy studying there so I moved to “Economic university”.


I work in Všenory at company iQuest, s. r. o. as “Junior Developer”. Beautiful scenery from office windows captured my colleague in flash animation. I programme in Ruby on Rails and since then I no longer fancy for programming anything in other programming language than Ruby. I have taken part in conference Ostrava On Rails which multiplied my devotion.

From 15. 8. 2006 to 12. 1. 2007 I had part-time job in Scientific Information Department at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science as “Application Administrator”. I tended websites of SID, their administrative interface, along with Electronic Theses and Dissertations and Evidence of publication activity at Faculty of Science.


I have spent most free time playing computer games recently because I am too tired for creative activity in the evenings. At present I play mostly World of Warcraft at Czech free server Moira. Another favourite game is Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, for which I have made several simple mods. I enjoy playing SpellForce – Platinum Edition (SpellForce – The Order of Dawn with both expansions SpellForce – The Breath of Winter and SpellForce – Shadow of the Phoenix) what it is superb mix of RPG and real-time strategy. I play with people from community website Svět Dungeon Siege, I even contribute to improving of website and discussion forum. I not only play computer games I collect them as well; I own about 200 of them.

When I am not tired I create websites in Ruby on Rails or PHP, work with technologies around XML and XSL (usually in connection with PHP5) and sometimes I make programs in Delphi. I have reduced visits at discussion servers Nyx and Hofyland to seize better time spent by computer. Thanks internet I have more friends and so I am not all the time at home and from time to time I travel or meet with friends and almost everywhere I take pictures. When I am in the mood I write poems or create some graphic.

I go in for sport activity as well, particularly speleology, swimming and practising Chen style tai chi chuan. I visit caves in vicinity of village Tetín, I am even member of Cavers' Group in Tetín. I like swimming very much; my personal record is 3 km without breaks. I think I feel better in the water than on the ground. Although I swim such long distances, I feel refreshed after it. It is a kind of relaxation for me. I practise Tai chi about half hour every day. Practising before sleep clears my mind and I fall asleep almost immediately. All I know is from two one week courses arranged by Taiji Akademie.

I love music. I can hardly imagine setting out without headphones and music in MP3. Even I like singing but not everybody is pleased with my song. :-D I like reading books in English. I have read far less books in Czech recently.


My greatest dream is to be able to fly. Simply wave with my arms and fly. Sounds crazy but it would be wonderful. I dream sometimes about it at night. But alas it will never come true.

I would like to try scuba diving, ideally near coral reef. For example Great Barrier Reef near Australia sounds good. ;-) I fear that I would not want to return home from sea. I love water and even more sea. Sometimes I think if I should not been dolphin.